Friday, March 16, 2007

Susie & Jon in Chetwynd

Actually, first let me say we are still getting cold days and on March 14 there was hail on the cars outside. Global warming? may be not.....

Susie and Jon did a lot of job hunting before going north - they even went to Calgary for a week. It appeared there were a lot of jobs around Dawson Creek, so they took Bob's advice and came up to Chetwynd BC which is an hour away. They are staying with Bob who is there working with the McLeod Lake Indian Band.
Bob had bought at small bungalow there several years ago & was sharing it with other workers there.

Jon got a job right away with the mill in Chetwynd ( he was one of only 2 people who applied and passed the drug test) and is hoping to start teaching in Dawson in the Fall. There are 6 openings then.
Bob's bungalow is a "fixer-upper" so Susie and Jon are working on it for him - they are practicing for their own place some day. Bob is really happy to have them there with him.

Susie has a Kiniseology degree and ended up planning a physical exercise program for 7 patients in Dawson on Saturdays. She also has job interviews with the local lumber mill and a pulp & paper mill 30 min. away - Hopefully it will be a technical job - she took industrial chemistry as part of her science degree - didn't want it at the time but is so glad she took it now.

I plan to come up there in the summer. Perhaps, if all is well, next year I will move up there for a year or two - not sure - we have a major housefull of stuff in Coquitlam to clean out if we were to sell the place here. Bob works 2 weeks north and one week south - so he needs a place here too.

Hope everyone is doing well,

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Its snowing in Coquitlam again ...

Here it is, the end of February, when the crocus and other early flowers start to come out, and its snowing!
This year has been particularly unusual... several snowfalls before and after Christmas, and the snow has stayed for at least 2 weeks. Still, snow is a special and rare thing here.

I am slowly picking small things to organize around the house. So far, tacking carpets to beds, cleaning towels and rugs, and looking at some stuff and saying to myself "its OK to throw this out".